About us

This site is for the purpose of building the bridge among the culturally rich Maithil Brahmins of India. The maithil Brahmins, one of the most intelligent cast in India have presence all over the country though originated from Mithila the area of north Bihar. Their rich cultural tradition and powerful but sweet language have a proven track record in Indian history. This website is for promoting the cultural tradition of Maithil Brahmins. One of the important issue we want to support is to promote arrange marriage among maithil brahmins. We are here to help the maithil brahmins to find suitable match for bride/groom.

Though due care is being taken to verify the genuineness of the person associated with this group, we strongly recommend to get the bonafide verified before entering into any negotiation. We don't take any responsibility for accuracy and genuineness of the data uploaded by the individuals.